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About us

Management of civil status (registrar) region is the executive organ specific competencies.

The main task of management - to ensure, in accordance with the laws of the timely and full state registration of acts of civil status in the region.

The structure of the registry office is the administrative apparatus, the department of accounting and document storage (archive registrar) and 33 territorial divisions and subdivisions registrar.

Employees of the registrar, as the state civil servants of the region, carry out the functions of the state registration of birth, death, marriage, divorce, paternity, adoption, change of name.

In addition, civil registry offices of the state form of the book of civil registration (Assembly book), make corrections, changes, and cancellations are restoring vital records at the request of citizens and organizations concerned reissued certificate of state registration, process, archive information, notices form a regional archival fund, legalize documents issued by the registry office area and intended for use outside of the Russian Federation.

This activity involves the direct, confidential communication with citizens when receiving applications for state registration, and their implementation, as well as acts of civil status are associated with the personal life of citizens and represent their legal position.